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“In Cuba, in order to be called an artist, I had to be able to draw and paint using all media. I also had to be able to sculpt, play music and take part in creating images for street theatre.

When I left Cuba in 1991, I was used to being asked to work in all these fields, either singly or all at once, which was sometimes very demanding. I’ve continued to do this, although it’s more difficult in Solva because I don’t have a large warehouse-type studio to work in.

Wood has become one of my favourite materials, particularly since I became interested in recycling. Many of my neighbours know of this and keep spare wood or wood that has been removed from old stone cottages, for instance, for me to use. Reusing the ancient wood is satisfying because it links the long distant past to the present and will give it a place in the future.

About 12 years ago, I started creating fish for an exhibition in St Davids and they have found their way into many people‚Äôs homes across the UK and Europe.”


Other series of 3D works by Raul form part of installations for exhibitions. Bigger pieces like ‘The Pages’, formed in metal, are made to commission.

Murals are generally also created for commissions. But in the past few months Raul has worked on one called ‘Painting by Numbers’ with local young people, to encourage a feeling of hope during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Please contact us if you would like a piece created for your home or business.


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