“My adopted father was Pedro Speek, who wrote music for the Buena Vista Social Club and played with traditional Guantanamo musicians all his life. He always told me not to get involved in the world of music because it would break my heart but I was unable to resist it.

In 1997, on my first visit back to Cuba, I had just made my first CD, called ‘Pasaporte Para Cuba’, with local musicians from around Pembrokeshire. It was produced by my close friend, Jon Turner, who died not long ago. I played it to Pedro and he wept (you can see a picture of us, which Heather took, on this page). I was always amazed The Slate director/filmmaker, who was in Cuba filming us for BBC Wales, didn’t use the sequence. I found it emotionally moving and so have many people since.”


“While living in Pembrokeshire, I’ve been fortunate to meet many talented musicians who live in the area and who have become close friends over the years.

My music, like my art, is varied. Several years ago I wrote and performed a semi-classical piece at St Davids Cathedral, called ‘Pembrokeshire Weather Report’, in which I was supported by many of these musicians and singers. We’ve also formed a Latin jazz band, which plays at various venues and can have as many as ten people on stage at one time.

Sometimes I play solo and have been fortunate to meet Mary Barnes, a voice teacher who helped me develop the confidence to sing. My wife recently used my version of Morning Has Broken at her mother’s funeral.

In many cases, I record my own music here at the Old Chapel. Until Jon died, he was involved in producing much of this and helping me to learn so much about music over the years. Below are some tracks for you to listen to.”