Size 86cm x 86cm



These fish are cut out by Raul from pieces of wood largely recycled. Sometimes local people bring him wood from ancient Welsh cottages that are too precious to abandon. He designs each fish to fit the grain and size of the wood, and then paints them with various colours that seem to him to fit the shape. They are varnished and can be used either indoors or outside. Several of the houses in Solva have them on their external walls.  This image is for size and shape reference and colours may vary on the final piece of artwork.  Please contact us and we will send you a thumbnail to check you are happy with this.  We are happy to use colours which might be different to the design here but which would suit you more.


Delivery in the UK is free (excluding books and calendars), but when ordering from overseas please email me and I will let you know the cost of postage. Thank you.


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