“As I said on the front page of this website, I came to the UK as a result of taking part in the BBC Arena film called ‘Havana’. My partner and then wife (at that time) was an integral part of their crew. And over the next few years, I travelled extensively with them, helping where I could, particularly with the film side of the operation. I became more and more interested in the creation of a film – this was before the digital era – and this fascination has never gone away.

Since moving to Wales, and having the time and space in my gallery to do so, I’ve been lucky to learn more and more about creating my own videos, helped, of course, by the advances in the digital world. I have my own YouTube channel, which explores the music and art that is fundamental to my life. Sometimes I make mistakes or can’t do exactly what I want in terms of format, but I’m getting there, slowly.

My wife Heather tells me my spelling isn’t good. It is, if I’m honest, a blend of Spanish, English and dyslexia but when she has time, she helps me, and when she does not, I hope people will not be annoyed by it!”


Here are a few videos I hope you might enjoy

2 Piano Pieces, 2020 new music by Raul Speek original songs

Solitude Art 2020

My Generation in Art in Cuba in the 1980s

Raul Speek Performance at St Davids Cathedral

Raul Speek Art Talk 1

Art Tutorial for 2020

Alex Scheug Guantanamo Part 2