Art workshops, commissions, exhibitions… and new products

Raul Speek Gallery Solva
Photograph by Rob Windsor

It’s been a busy – but fun – summer for Raul Speek Gallery, with exhibitions, workshops, new products, cake baking, music, and time with friends.

Raul Speek lampshades

Raul has proved that pretty much anything can be turned into a piece of art – even ordinary household items.

He has come up with the ‘bright idea’ of decorating lampshades with his own artwork.

These colourful items are proving popular, and you can pick up yours from the Raul Speek Gallery shop at the Old Chapel in Main Street, Solva.

The quirky lampshades are an easy way to add some art to your home and liven up your décor. (Prices vary from £25 to £50.)

Raul Speek lampshades

Pop into Raul Speek Gallery for a lampshade featuring Raul’s artwork (photograph by Heather Bennett)

Getting creative with friends

Raul and his wife, Heather Bennett, were joined at their gallery one evening this summer by their great friends, Rob and Laura Windsor.

During their visit, Rob and Laura’s three daughters enjoyed an outdoor painting workshop, under Raul’s direction.

The girls created a colourful fish-themed painting – and here’s the finished result…

Getting creative with friends

The fish-themed artwork the girls created (photograph by Rob Windsor)

Painting workshop

Raul led a one-day painting course for Frances, an artist from Edinburgh, who was delighted with the tuition and said afterwards “she couldn’t have had a better experience”.

Frances was treated to the art workshop as a birthday present from her son, and she used the opportunity to benefit from Raul’s professional guidance.

The session, at Raul Speek Gallery in Solva, helped to build Frances’s confidence in drawing.

She also discovered how shadows and use of colour can bring a painting to life, and how to give depth by applying the paint in a certain order. Plus, she learned the best ways to capture 3D scenes on paper.

To find out more about Raul’s art courses and workshops, click here. Or you can email: or call us on 01437 721907.

Raul Speek Doing Course Sep 2021

Raul with Frances during the art workshop (photograph by Heather Bennett)

Art commission

Raul is available to create pieces of art on request, as commissions.

One of his latest projects is an outdoor painting for a Solva resident who is seeking to brighten up a plain wall in her garden.

The wall can’t be painted directly because of a lack of space, so Raul is painting a board, which will be supported on stilts when it goes on display.

The customer has chosen a coastal theme, so the piece will include a lighthouse, shell, and muted colours.

If you’d like to commission Raul for a painting, 3D work, mural, or other piece of art, get in touch on 01437 721907 or email:

And you may wonder why the work-in-progress is upside down?

Raul often turns a painting upside down, like he’s doing here, so he can check the balance of the image. (This is especially important when trees feature in a piece.)

Raul Speek Art commission

Raul at work on an art commission (photograph by Heather Bennett)

Art and photography exhibitions

Both Raul and Heather have been displaying their work at exhibitions in Wales this summer.

Raul’s paintings featured in the Art at Waunifor exhibition in August, while Heather’s photography was put on show at the same event.

The exhibition – which celebrated an eclectic range of artwork by more than 30 Welsh artists – was held at the Waunifor Centre, in Maesycrugiau, near Llandysul.

Meanwhile, Heather’s stunning photography featured in Fishguard Arts Society’s annual summer exhibition at Castlemorris, near Fishguard, last month.

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 The Provider, by Raul Speek

The Provider, by Raul Speek, which featured in the Art at Waunifor exhibition

Dark Storm Newgale by Heather Bennett

Dark Storm Newgale, by Heather Bennett