Frequently individuals visiting either our gallery or website see a piece of work they respond to,  they then take measurements of a space they want to use and  commission a similar piece which  they feel will work in their environment.  Alternatively they specifically request a certain subject which falls within my range of work but which is personal to them and I will work with them to make sure that they are content with the finished piece.

One such individual requested a painting of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve as children surrounded by symbolic creatures and with a waterfall nearby. This involved considerable research which proved very interesting for me and I was able to give the person involved what they had wanted interpreted in my own style.

 Another collector asked for a scene from Alice in Wonderland.

Prints on canvas to a requested size may also be available  to commission.

Public spaces  commissions

These work in two ways:

Either on canvas worked at Raul Speek Gallery or in situ directly as murals.

An example of this kind of commission can be seen at Bar Cuba in Cardiff where three large canvasses (8ft x 4ft) were created prior to the opening of the Restaurant.

Materials vary according to clients and the piece of works requirements.

Each commission begins with in depth discussion with the person/people concerned and myself about what is required. This includes prospective dates for collection/delivery, whether photographs are required at various stages, deposit amounts and payment structure as well as the practical details of size (and therefore shape), materials, work to be framed or unframed etc.  When the client is content an agreement is written out, signed by both parties and a deposit paid.

Limited edition prints are  available of most of the works currently on the web page.  For details of those available, size and price please email or telephone Raul Speek Gallery.

A further aspect to the Gallerys commission work is the facility to have a LICENCE of an image for a certain objective. Examples would be using an image for wedding invitations or for a CD cover or a particular form of advertising.

Please contact me for details.

All works © Raul Speek

Please do not print or use without permission. All works may be licensed from the artist.

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