Prior to May 2006



Mixed exhibition  of local artists at Raul Speek Gallery until 15th January 2006.





Trip to Cuba

Trip to Cuba

Trip to Cuba to finalise exhibition in 2008 at Wilfredo Lam Institute, Havana.   Extensive photographic exploration for future work and exhibitions.   Meetings with writers and artists from Cuba in a first contact to bring works from there to here for a possible exhibition in London.



This year we have been running an outdoor cafe for people to sit and enjoy the atmosphere of the Chapel.  We are now trying for Planning Permission to add a conservatory so that we can offer this all the year round.




Birmingham Show

Birmingham Show
Bimringham Show 2

Bimringham Show 2

Birmingham Show.  We are making a first visit as an exhibitor to one of the country's largest trade shows.  We will be offering originals and Limited Edition Prints.    An empty stand next door has resulted in the organizers asking Raul to paint live – the space is 10m long and 2m high.   Plenty of good publicity!!



Limited Edition Prints are being created of works for which we are frequently asked.  These are marked in the Works sections in the web page with the letters LEP.


Sale of large religious work to anoymous client who will donate it to St David's Cathedral.   As the Cathedral is experiencing large reconstruction works this will remain with us for the present but is available for view.


JULY 2005


Exhibition of abstract work in Japan with Welsh Trade International.   Abstract work exploring the use of texture in the forming of landscape pieces.


Trip to Lake Bala to make arrangements for workshops there and visit likely painting places.   Idal Hotel space discovered with painting space available for wet days.


Discussion with S4C about possible documentary on Cuba and Solva next year.


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