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Have been working on our new website with Tim Stowe of Pembrokeshire Online  It has been a long process trying to include everything we had before yet updating its appearance and adding new material.  It is going to go live with some parts unfinished.  The shop for instance can’t begin to go up until we are live and we are still working on the courses particularly the Spanish one which will be based in Capileira in October.

Capileira in the Snow  November

Capileira in the Snow November

These are two of the images taken last winter when we went out to plan the course accommodation.

Winter is over

Raul Speek Gallery

Raul Speek Gallery

Youth Festival Mural

Winter is nearly over and we are getting the gallery ready to open again on 28th March. It is amazing how quickly the weeks go when we are closed – so many jobs to do that can’t get done in the Summer and Autumn months. Looking forward to seeing everyone again this year.

We are in the middle of designing new courses for this year. We will be running special sessions again during the Seaweed Week in August (8 to 16 August 2015). Julia Horton Powdrill is organizing a group of local artists to work specifically with images and patterns which the local seaweed brings to our shores. She is also taking people on foraging expeditions which she is very good at. Our own workshops will involve hunting on the shoreline in Solva and then working with what we find to make a picture for you to take home. Paint, paper, glue etc will be included in the workshop prices. Details are on the website here. Heather is running photographic workshops on seaweed too. Also see for current details. Barbecue for Seaweed week will take place on Friday 15th August – with live music so come and enjoy.


Many of you will know Julia Horton Powdrill through her work as the creator and long running powerhouse behind The Really Wild Food Festival which we are also involved in. See for details. She is a real pleasure to be involved with as her ideas and energy bubble away unceasingly. See her first novel “Single or Double” which she has written in order to create funding for the Prostate Cancer Research Charity following the death of her husband with the disease last year. You can buy a copy on Amazon either digitally or in book form.


During the Winter months I have been working on various video projects including a film on St David. It is a collaborative venture exploring the Saint who means so much to our local community: I am very grateful to everyone who is giving their time and experience to help it along. It will be a while before it is finished but I am pleased with how it is going. Anyone wanting to get involved should call me on 01437 721907.

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